Ayurveda - Asha Lagoon

Ayurveda - Asha Lagoon

Ayurveda - Asha Lagoon


Ayurveda is the Knowledge of a healthy and long life. Developed thousands of years ago , Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic healing methods emphasizing the importance of treating the cause of the illness and strengthening the immune system.

In Ayurveda, the body mind and Spirit are interconnected and each one affects the other. These 3 aspects are individually treated and looked into at “Asha Lagoon” with the guidance of well experienced and qualified Doctors, Therapists, and staff .


Panchakarma is a fivefold purification treatment used in ayurveda, usually including a purgative to eliminate kapha, a laxative to eliminate pitta, an enema to Eliminate vata, inhalation treatment to clear doshas from the head, and bloodletting to purify the blood. Treatments may be recommended for specific health problems.

Every person is made of a combination of five basic elements found in the universe:

1. Space
2. Air
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Earth

These elements combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas. They control how your body works. The three doshas are:

1. Vata dosha (Air)
2. Pitta dosha (Bile)
3. Kapha dosha (Phlegm)

Everyone inherits a unique mix of the three doshas. One dosha is usually more dominant. Each dosha controls a different body function. It is believed that your chances of getting sick are linked to the balance of your doshas. For followers of Ayurveda, anything that affects your physical, spiritual, or emotional well-being can cause you to be out of balance with the universe.

Vata Dosha

Vata dosha (space and air) is thought to be the most powerful of all three doshas. It controls very basic body functions, such as how cells divide. It also controls your

1. Mind
2. Breathing
3. Blood flow
4. Heart function
5. Ability to get rid of body waste through the intestines

Pitta Dosha

The pitta dosha (fire and water) controls:

1. Digestion
2. Ability to break down foods (metabolism)
3. Certain hormones linked to appetite

Kapha Dosha

The kapha dosha (water and earth) controls:

1. Muscle growth
2. Body strength and stability
3. Weight
4. Immune system