About Asha Lagoon

About Asha Lagoon

About Asha Lagoon

About Asha Lagoon

Asha Lagoon Ayurveda Resort

Hidden away in the outskirts of Tangalle in Sri Lanka amidst the breathtaking setting of the Madilla Lagoon, is the home of Ash Lagoon Ayurveda Resort. The perfect getaway to soothe your senses and calm your nerves while taking in the magnificent view of the infinite blue water lagoon, endless foliage and experience the natural breeze while basking in the therapeutic treatment provided by our team.

Consisting of 12 rooms, and swimming pool Asha Lagoon Ayurveda Resort caters to foreign clientele who are interested in benefiting from authentic Panchakarma Ayurveda treatment.

We at Asha Lagoon provide specific cure programs for many ailments under the guidance and supervision of our experienced doctors and therapists. Each cure program is tailor made to suite the client taking into consideration any pre-existing conditions.


Asha Lagoon consists of 12 Chalets with attached washrooms and are built to encourage natural ventilation and are equipped with fans/nets to provide the most comfortable setting for the treatment and healing for the clients..

Swimming Pool

Relax by the pool side and soak up the Sun or better yet take a dip in our pool in between your treatment programs and refresh yourself.

Ayurvedic Day at our Resort

Every Ayurveda day commences with a glass of hot water served at your room at 6 o’clock in the morning. Thereafter, at 7 o’clock we start our day together, with meditation and Yoga on our roof top Yoga deck with the most breathtaking views to guarantee a fresh start to your day.

The Daily Doctor consultations follow, and a constant review of your progress and adjustments to your personalized treatment plan where necessary, ensures that you obtain the optimum results from our treatments. The highest possible quality of service is provided by us for your health and well-being. At the end of each consultation the following day’s treatment plan would be scheduled and explained to you to keep you informed and educated regarding same.

Our very experienced and learned therapists guaranty the most effective and best possible practices following our in-house Ayurveda doctor’s treatment instructions. We believe that our intensive Aurvedic treatments take time, and therefore most of our treatments are scheduled for at least a good half hour to ensure the most favourable end results for our clientele.

We also make sure to give your body the required time to relax after each and every treatment, for the treatments to interact constructively with your body.

Our highly qualified Ayurveda kitchen prepares individualized meals upon our Ayurveda Doctor’s advice, to better cater to your every need. This type of dietary planning is important to enhance every stage of your Ayurveda treatment process. Your daily meals are served at the following timings at your preferred location of the resort, be it indoor or outdoor, for your convenience and pleasure.

Meal times: Breakfast – 8.00am / Lunch – 1.00pm / Dinner – 6.00pm

Bed time is recommended at 9 o’clock in the evening, ensuring sufficient time for the digestion of meals prior to a goodnight’s sleep.